Give Teens The Tools They Need To Define A Future They'll Love

A unique guided program that helps teens overcome stress, celebrate their uniqueness, and take ownership of their path. 

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How It Works

The Finding My Future program was carefully designed as an easy to use yet engaging self discovery and planning process. The program is administered through a powerful question based framework that gets teens to quickly identify their unique strengths and how they will contribute to a future they're excited they will be empowered to create for themselves.


The first step is to define a complete picture of who your teen is so that they become completely aware of their current reality. Things that are working...and things that aren't.


The next step is to let them explore both their own uniqueness. What they enjoy, what they don't, things they are curious about learning, and the things that compell and engage them.


The final step is for them to design a compelling future aligned with who they truly are. Documenting their aspirations and committing to the beliefs and behaviors necessary to get there.

Video Overview:

How Can Your Teen Choose A Future They're Excited About?


Part 1: Awareness

Your teen is unique. They have gifts, talents, and a heart unlike anyone else. But in order to understand what those really are, they need to dig deeper than what subjects they get good grades in, or what a teacher may or may not think is a good fit for them. Understanding what their most authentic and empowering future might look like starts by getting clear on the things that are working, and admitting what isn't (despite appearances).

Part 2: Exploration

There are so many opportunities in the world that you and your teen may not know exist. There is also something perfect for them. Let’s explore what that may be by looking at specific gifts and abilities they have and what that might look like as a degree, as internship, job shadowing...maybe even starting their own thing? The only way to figure out the possibilities is to explore all the options.

Part 3: Design

Once we have determined a destination – we need to have a plan. One they are proud share with parents, friends, employers, etc. so that they can hear it directly from them, and support them on their journey. And although this plan will give them a new level of clarity they didn't know was possible, it's theirs and theirs alone, and is always subject to change as they pay attention to the results they get, continue learning, and course correct as they gain experience and progress.

Pricing Options

We provide a pricing options for every teen's learning style; whether they want a "Do It Yourself" version or want the guidance and accountability of additional Coaching and Support along the way.